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The questions you ask!! As far as I can tell, there was a Samuel Porterfield (1800-1872) who was married twice and had 11 children. One of those was Samuel Davis Porterfield (1835-1922) who had 6 children, one of which was Sheldon James Porterfield (1873-1962). Another child was Albert Gallatin Porterfield (1848-1930)--sometimes referred to as A. G. Porterfield, who had four children, one of which was Samuel Howard Porterfield (1874-1942). This Samuel Howard Porterfield was my grandfather and your great-grandfather. So............ that would make Sheldon and Samuel Howard cousins.
- Sue Bender


Presenting! .... you guessed it!

More family photos!

photo of Tresenriter family, circa 1899

1899 or 1900
George Hamilton Tesenriter & Sarah E. Ashmore Tresenriter with family
Clarence - standing behind George (oldest b. 1881)
Ella Mae - standing behind Sarah (b. 1884)
Carl Andrew Henry - immediate on George's left side
Ray - standing between George's knees
Roy - between Carl and Sarah
Gladys Miriam - on sarah's lap (b. 1898)

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Yes, Sue.
You are correct.
That is far more than I really wanted to know :)