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Below are some other web sites with which I am involved

Web Sites

    Re-organized online training documentation and manage intranet web site for the Customer Care Call center.
  • Bokkai Temple  
    Web site for the historic Chinese temple located in Marysville, CA. The temple was designated as one of the top 11 architectural sites for the year 2001 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Ray Chinese School   
    2001 - added English content pages to the site. Teacher directory and individual pages; School Schedule; Course descriptions.
  • Chinese Unity   
    Web site for organization's 2003 Chinese New Year's party
  • Naiying's Art gallery  
    This is version 1 of a site devoted to showcasing some of Naiying's artwork.
  • Purpose of This site
    To create a web site using a variety of web
    design features i.e. tables, frames, JavaScript,
    CSS and DHTML
To see things in the seed, that is genius.
 - Lao-tzu