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I cannot I cannot remember a time when I was not drawing. I first appeared in Tianjin, China. My father was a professor of Economics, while my mother taught voice. She had offers to sing in radio programs, but Father's offer to marry was evidently more attractive. Her grandfather, Mr. Zhang, was a well-known artist, so perhaps I received my painting talent from him.

As a teenager, I was fortunate to be able to study Classical Western Fine Art with Zhao Junsheng. His entire family is quite gifted and I have learned from each of them. I had already been quite lucky when I was very young to learn Chinese Brush Painting from several well known teachers: Meng Naili, Feng Jicai, Zhang Songtao – all friends of my family. With the skills I learned from my teachers, I was able to sell my art in the well known gallery – Yong Bao Zai.

After receiving my degree from Tianjin Art Institute, I became the art editor for a publishing company where I contributed illustrations and designed page layouts. I was able also to create illustrations for children's books. This is one of my favorite areas.

Being creative is what is important. Commercial art or fine Art - that is just creating a dividing line where none should exist. Art is art.

Then one day, I received an offer to come to America as a Chinese Brush Painting instructor and language tutor at Bard College. I became, as many others have before me, a stranger in a strange new land. At least my sister Sherrie, who was finishing her doctoral studies at the University of Chicago, was not too terribly far away. Bard College was a wonderful introduction to America. I made many friends there, both with the students and the other foreign language tutors.

At the end of the school year, I came to Chicago. There I met Stephen

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